Our Amsterdam office is where most of our commercial team sits. This team loves a good karaoke session, appreciates a warm bowl of ramen, and never goes anywhere without a polaroid camera.

This team is energetic, revenue-driven, and obsessed with making our customers happy and getting our amazing product into the hands of as many businesses as possible.

Featured jobs in Amsterdam

Account Executive (DACH)
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

Poznań, Wrocław...

Our Poznań and Wrocław offices and multiple home office desks all over Poland are where our product team is located. This team loves a good outdoor adventure, are in competition to see who can have the most plants in their apartment, and are counting the number of meetings that Jagger (our integrations dog) has attended.

The masterminds behind our easy-to-use hiring software, our product teams are collaborative, agile, and customer-obsessed.

Featured jobs in Poland

Customer Support Specialist (Poland)
RemotePoland, Wielkopolskie, Poznań
Elixir / Phoenix Developer (Analytics)
RemotePoland, Wielkopolskie, Poznań
Elixir / Phoenix Developer (Core Backend)
RemotePoland, Wielkopolskie, Poznań

New York

Our New York office is the newest addition to the Recruitee family. We’re still growing and nurturing our small team there during this crazy time but you can already feel the strong bond, strengthened by good-hearted arguments over which NY neighborhood is better (are you team Brooklyn? Or Manhattan?).

Our team there is entrepreneurial, fearless, and passionate about getting the word out about our amazing product.

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Featured jobs in New York

No open positions.